Telematic services and devices at your disposal

jeniot offers smart devices and technological solutions to help families and firms in everyday life: from smart cars and smart homes to your personal wellness and that of our four-legged friends, right up to sensors for workplace safety.

Smart home
Smart Home

IoT solutions for air quality and remote monitoring of your four-legged friend.

Auto connessa
Smart Car

Satellite devices and services designed to transform your vehicle into a smart car, with full safety benefits.

Corporate Mobility

Improves your employees’ driving experience by improving safety and highway code compliance.

Sicurezza sul lavoro
Workplace Safety

Simply and efficiently manage workplace safety with a small wearable device.


jeniot home | AirSafe

This is an air quality sensor designed for the indoor environment, able to monitor the composition of the air and warn you when alarm thresholds are exceeded.


jeniot home | Pet

Thanks to the GPS collar, you can always know where your four-legged friends are and how much time they have spent playing and resting during the day.


jeniot business | SmartWays

Transform your company fleet into a connected business able to improve the safety of drivers and to preserve the value of your vehicle assets.


jeniot business | CityFlow

The IoT for car sharing is able to incentivise good driving styles with benefits for safety and highway code compliance.