IoT Solutions for your Firm’s Business

Workplace safety, company fleet management and your car sharing: Jeniot has an IoT solution for you and your firm.

smart home

Business mobility solutions

Transform your car sharing or your company fleet into a connected business able to improve the safety of drivers and to keep the value of your car fleet.

connected car

Workplace safety business solutions

You can simply and efficiently manage your safety and that of your staff with a small wearable device. The IoT device helps you to check the personal protective equipment in real time and enables you to rapidly identify any person on the ground.


Connected company fleet management

You can know the location and the route of the company fleet vehicles in real time. You will be able to find out the driving style and the fuel consumption of each individual driver. Moreover, thanks to the satellite device fitted to each vehicle, you can know the location of your vehicles and of the goods carried at any time, so that you can be certain that the delivery has been carried out.


Car sharing management

Each vehicle that makes up your car sharing fleet is fitted with a black box monitoring the driving style in real time and providing instant feedback to the driver by means of a coloured LED. The data collected is used for gamification with the aim of increasing loyalty to your service.