Remain connected to what is dear to you

Air quality, your car and your four-legged friend are always connected to your smartphone, both at home and outdoors.

smart home

Solutions for your home

Discover the IoT devices for your home: find out the air quality in real time and be advised as soon as monitored values exceed the alarm thresholds. In addition, you can always know where your four-legged friends are.

connected car

Solutions for your car

Transform your vehicle into a smart car: choose the latest generation of satellite devices and try out our advanced services from your smartphone.


Control in real time your home

jeniot home | AirSafe informs you by an alarm with a visual and sound signal in case the trigger level of carbon monoxide and methane is exceeded. In addition, you will get a notification on your smartphone and a call from our operation centre


Your puppy is always under your care

You can always find out the location of your four-legged friend within a few seconds thanks to GPS tracking without the need for any SIM card. In case you lose your pet, the GPS collar is fitted with an SOS button that can be pressed by anyone who finds him or her, thereby providing you with the coordinates of your pet and prompting a call from our operator.


Satellite Technology Services

Take the maximum advantage of the satellite device fitted to your car using the services designed by jeniot for mobility. In fact, you will be able to reconstruct the exact dynamics of an accident, find out if the driver had exceeded the speed limit, improve your style of driving, and find out your precise location so you can state it in the case of fines or of cloned number plates.